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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Blood Bowl 2 Is A Bloody Good Time

Blood Bowl 2 - The Real Fantasy Football

blood bowl 2 pc

One of my favorite games to play lately has been the newest release of Games Workshop's classic board game, Blood Bowl. Mixing elements of American Football with fantasy races from the Warhammer Universe, Blood Bowl 2 brings a smashing good time to the PC or various consoles.

BloodBowl2 Ref View

Blood Bowl 2 is a strategy game adapted from the popular board game of the same name. This is not your run of the mill Madden style action football game. This is a strategy game adapted to PC and console, so you are going to have to use your brain much more than your reflexes. The game is an absolute blast! Imagine a no rules, no holds barred, in your face beatdown game of football where your players are always at risk of hurting themselves, getting injured, or even suffering a fatal blow that will send them to the graveyard for good! Your players are always at risk of injury or death, but so are your opponents players. There is always a sense of danger with every play you make or every hit that you take. That's what makes the game so much fun! Murdering other players right there on the pitch is an absolute blast!  Having an enemy player make a break away play to get just shy of the end zone, only to end his career as a smear of blood on the goal line is just so much fun! Some games get so bloody that one side may lose most of their team before the match ends.

bloody mess in blood bowl 2
Here's an image I tweeted when I first started playing Blood Bowl 2

What Races Can We Play In Blood Bowl 2?

There are currently 8 races in the Blood Bowl 2 base game:
  1. Humans
  2. Orcs
  3. Dwarves
  4. Skaven
  5. Chaos
  6. Brittonians
  7. High Elves
  8. Dark Elves

There are currently 2 additional teams available as DLC:
  1. Lizardmen
  2. Wood Elves
There are 4 teams coming soon and free for anyone who owns the game before they are released: (Buy soon!)
  1. Norse
  2. Undead
  3. Nurgle
  4. Necromantic
Blood Bowl 2 Fun

Are You Ready To Smash Face?

I can't recommend Blood Bowl 2 enough! It is an awesome game that is a ton of fun with an added element of risk with every die roll. You create your own team based off of one of the races and your players level up as they score touchdowns, make passes, hurt and injure others, kill enemy players, and earn MVP titles for each match. As your players level up you are allowed to pick new skills for them to learn as they become better all around players. Skills like Block, Mighty Blow, Sure Hands, Thick Skull, Diving Tackle, Leap, and more are available to turn your team into even better footballers.

Ideally I would like to get about 10 to 12 players together on PC (via Steam) to start a private league where we play each other team a couple times per season and pass a travelling trophy on to the seasons winner. So if you are interested in playing in a private league with me and others that read this blog or follow me on twitter, be sure to get a hold of me via email or on twitter (SSmith0911) so I can add you to the list.

Where To Buy Blood Bowl 2?

  1. Blood Bowl 2 is available for purchase directly via Steam and sometimes can be found on sale.
  2. You can also grab it via Green Man Gaming and use one of their 20% off codes that can be found on site.

Find out more about Blood Bowl at the Official Site.

I Hope To See (Kill) You On The Pitch!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

How To Earn Free Packs In Hearthstone Using MyPoints

How To Get Free Hearthstone Packs Using MyPoints (or Swagbucks)

Hearthstone is an online collectible card game that requires you to buy more packs with gold or cash in order to enlarge and enrich your card collection. Without increasing your card collection, you will have a hard time making better decks to win more matches and unlock more Hearthstone cards and booster packs. I have already discussed how to grind for gold in Hearthstone to get more packs just from playing and how to earn more experience from your Hearthstone matches.

Today I will discuss a strategy I use to buy free Hearthstone card packs with a little extra effort while playing my Hearthstone matches on my PC.

What you will need to follow my strategy is an account with MyPoints.

You Can Sign Up For MyPoints Here  

Using MyPoints to Earn Free Hearthstone Packs

MyPoints is a rewards program website where you earn points for doing simple tasks like taking surveys, clicking on advertising emails, shopping through their stores links, or watching videos. The big keys here for the Hearthstone Strategy is taking surveys and watching videos. Most of your first impressions are probably that you want nothing to do with the time required to invest into any video watching or survey taking sites. Let me explain why these are important to this free packs Hearthstone strategy and require very little effort on your part.

Use Your Opponents Turn For Earning Points

Hearthstone is a game where you can do absolutely nothing on your opponents turn. That means you are sitting there for minutes at a time doing nothing but watching your opponent make his moves as you wait for your turn to roll back around. Add in opponents that are slow or purposefully stalling and you have a lot of time sunk into playing your matches, Where half the time you are just waiting and doing nothing, you could be earning reward points to convert to gift cards to convert to free Hearthstone cards.

That's where the MyPoints site comes in handy. The best thing about the MyPoints site over all kinds of other points earning sites is that their video watching system is able to be used in multiple tabs simultaneously and you don't have to stay within the window to get points for viewing the videos! Anyone who has tried other points reward sites that use video watching for earning points knows many of these sites force you to have to stay on that single video with the volume up or the video will pause itself.  The MyPoints video watching system doesn't require volume, can be in multiple tabs at once with various videos playing at the same time, and a single click will auto start the videos so you don't even have to hit a specific play button.

So here is how I set up my Hearthstone session with Mypoints windows running in the background. Below is an image of my desktop as I'm set up to play Hearthstone and earn points during my opponents turns.

How To Get Free Hearthstone Packs & Cards
MyPoints & Hearthstone Strategy (Click to Enlarge)

As you can see in this image, I have the web browser open and in windowed mode in the background with Hearthstone also running in windowed mode in the foreground. This allows me to watch multiple videos for MyPoints credits, while playing Hearthstone. My time is already sunk into the game, so earning points while playing is an added bonus and an efficient use of my opponents turn times!

For ease and efficiency, I set the desktop screen up as seen in the above image. You simply click on a video to start it auto-playing in a tab. You don't even have to keep close tabs on the videos to see when they end in each tab, because all you have to look for is the little speaker icon on the individual tabs. When the speaker icon disappears, that means the video has stopped playing and its time to click another video to start the new one running and earning you more points.

Turn Those Free Points Into Free Gift Cards

Then once you have collected enough points you simple convert your MyPoints points into gift cards to spend on free Hearthstone packs or whatever else you like. MyPoints points can be converted into tons of gift card options, but for unlocking free Hearthstone cards, you can convert them into:

Some of those gift card options can be used to buy the packs outright or you can hunt for further savings by buying a gift card from one shop and buying the better value card from that vendor. As an example, it can be more efficient to convert to an Amazon or eBay gift card to purchase a cheaper priced iTunes gift card on Amazon or Ebay as opposing to getting the iTunes gift card with your MyPoints.

So why just sit there doing nothing while your opponent takes his turn? Put that wasted time to good use and earn yourself some free Hearthstone cards with very little effort! I watch videos and take a few surveys during my Hearthstone play sessions on my PC and in turn I rack in the free and easy to obtain Amazon gift cards, which i turn into iTunes gift cards to get my Hearthstone card packs for a much better value and little to no extra effort.

Start Earning Free Hearthstone Cards Too!
(Make Sure To Confirm your Account To Get Your Free Points For Joining)

This strategy works to get all kinds of gift cards for various places. I just like to pair it with Hearthstone since there is a lot of wasted time sitting waiting during your opponents turn. And that time can be converted into $10, $25, and $50 gift cards with little extra effort using the time you've already sunk into the game already. In a normal Hearthstone gaming session I can watch many videos in the multiple tabs I have running and not miss a beat in my Hearthstone match!

I also use the same strategy with Swagbucks to earn gift cards - Swagbucks starts you with a free $5 and if you hit 300 Swagbucks in your first 30 days(points worth $3 cash out), they will match you another $3! I've been using Swagbucks a lot recently and the earnings come a lot faster. So I'd definitely sign up for Swagbucks and Bing Rewards, then add MyPoints and InBoxDollars if you are looking to expand into more options for earning money online.

Bing Rewards is a super quick and easy program where you can easily earn $5 every 2-3 weeks for just 20 searches a day! I've also recently started with Inbox Dollars, which is a similar program to these other rewards programs. Inbox dollars seems to take the good from Swagbucks and MyPoints and is another easy source for extra online income.

I've recently started using Get-Paid as another way to earn income online with little to no work. The tasks and activities at Get-Paid pair well with my ability to complete these tasks and offers while at my normal job. And the tasks to earn come a lot faster and easier than the other main sites, so I'd definitely recommend checking out this site as well. They even offer nice referral rewards for people you may also refer underneath you.

Another easy to use earnings site is Gift Hulk, which I've just started using as well.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Heroes of the Storm Tutorial: Earn An Easy 1000 Gold

How To Earn An Easy 1000 Gold In Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Gold Rewards

Here at Cold's Gold Factory, I've already given a lot of tips on how to earn quicker gold in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's newly launched MOBA. I've also covered the quest holding strategy to maximize gold earned from HotS daily quests. Today we will talk about a simple, and often overlooked, way of earning a quick and easy 1000 gold for free in Heroes of the Storm.

Get 1000 Gold From The Tutorial In Heroes of the Storm

Since the Technical Alpha period was so long for testing Heroes of the Storm, many of us had already completed the tutorial at least once and maybe even a second time through, to try out the changes that came along with the different patches within the Technical Alpha and Closed Beta phases of testing.

One thing that has been recently overlooked by the older players that have been in Heroes of the Storm for a while is that since the game has officially launched Blizzard has added gold rewards to each of the tutorials in Heroes of the Storm!  Hell it took me a good 3+ weeks to even figure this out myself, since I have no reason to go back and ever do the tutorial after the number of real games I've already been playing. Well, there definitely was a reason for me to go back and repeat the tutorials one last time: To Earn My Free 1000 HotS Gold!

How To Replay The Tutorial In Heroes of the Storm

With all of the changes to the UI displays in the game and can get a little confusing to find the tutorial as an established player. The easiest way to get back to the tutorials is to hit the F10 (Function 10) button on your keyboard. There you can select the tutorials option, which will lead you to the screen show in the header image of this post.

As you can see there are actually 3 separate tutorials (out of the 4) that will all award a small chunk of gold for you to use buying heroes and master skins within the game. 
  1. Introduction - 250 Gold Reward For Completion
  2. Basic - 250 Gold Reward For Completion
  3. Advanced - 500 Gold Reward For Completion
  4. Training - No Gold Rewards
Pro Tip: To make the tutorial games go a lot faster, just stack your hero onto another lane that already has a pair of AI players on your team. The AI is pretty bad in Heroes of the Storm and the tutorial AI is an absolute joke, so stacking your team together and just pushing one lane hard will get you a quicker win and earn those free gold rewards that much faster.

So even if you are a veteran player, don't forget to go back and re-complete the training tutorials to earn your free 1000 gold in Heroes of the Storm. New players should automatically be seeing the tutorials and gold rewards as part of your introduction to the game, but it is easily overlooked by those of us that have been playing for weeks or months already. In order to earn the gold the gold amount must be shown just like in the image. If there is no gold listed, then that means you have already completed that tutorial and already earned the free gold.

Are you enjoying Heroes of the Storm? Check out these awesome Heroes of the Storm Shirts and Buttons and show off your love of the game too!

Heroes of the Storm 300x250

Monday, May 4, 2015

Heroes of the Storm Shirts & Buttons

Heroes of The Storm Inspired Shirts and Buttons

I've been busy lately playing Blizzard's MOBA, Heroes of the Storm on PC. I've also been designing and selling Heroes of the storm Tee Shirts and buttons in my Heroes of the Storm Swag Shop on Zazzle. These Heroes of the Storm tees are based off of individual in game heroes, maps, or hero quotes.  These are just the first round of Heroes of the Storm inspired clothing and accessories. I will be adding more, so be sure to follow the link into the store. The store is NC-17 because of the mature language on some of the HotS shirts and buttons, so be sure to log into Zazzle so you can see all of the items in the shop.

Heroes of the Storm 300x250

Currently the "I Survived Free Nova Week" tee shirt is the best seller, with the "Get Rekt" and ETC shirts close behind. The shirts are a great way to show off your favorite Heroes of the Storm character and the buttons make great additions to your coat or backpack, especially for wearing at your favorite convention, like Blizzcon.

All the Heroes of the Storm Shirts are customizable, so you can select the color you would like for your shirt. Just select from the various color options in the store front.  You can check out more Heroes of the Storm gift ideas here.

Heroes of the Storm Tees and Buttons

Saturday, January 10, 2015

How To Earn More Gold From Daily Quests in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of The Storm Daily Quest Gold Strategy

Heroes of the Storm Daily Quests

Gold Gain in Heroes of the Storm

The amount of time you will spend grinding for gold earnings to unlock heroes in Heroes of the Storm will be insane if you plan to spend no money on unlocking heroes. As I discussed in my previous post on Grinding For Gold In Heroes of the Storm, there is a nice chunk of easily obtainable gold that is earned from both leveling up your account and leveling each hero to level 5. However, once those 1 time gold gains are exhausted, you are left with only per match gold rewards and daily quest completion as your two primary source of gold income in HotS.

There is a strategy that you can incorporate into your play time to give yourself a slight advantage in the amount of gold available to be earned from completing the daily quests on Heroes of the Storm. With the Heroes of the Storm closed beta starting soon (Tuesday January 13th, 2015), it is important to keep this daily quest holding strategy in mind to maximize your ability to earn gold in game.

Let's take a look at the Daily Quest Gold Strategy and how it works.

Heroes of the Storm Daily Quest Gold Rewards

There are currently only 9 different options for the daily quests. These daily quests can be held in queue with up to 3 different daily quests at a time. Currently daily quests do not give the option to re-roll any of the daily quests, which are assigned randomly at a rate of 1 per day.

The 9 HotS Daily Quests and Their Gold Rewards

  • Play 8 Games in Any Mode - 800 gold
  • Win 3 Games in Any Mode - 600 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Assassin Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Warrior Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Support Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 3 Games as an Specialist Hero - 300 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Warcraft Hero - 200 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Diablo Hero - 200 gold
  • Play 2 Games As a Starcraft Hero - 200 gold

So the daily quests in Heroes of the Storm reward anywhere from 200 gold to 800 gold for completion, which is a large variance in total rewarded gold for a single daily quest completion.

Most players will play the game and either complete their individual dailies each day as they are awarded, or they will save a few and knock out a couple at a time. However,there is a way to increase your odds of being randomly assigned the higher gold reward quests.

Heroes of the Storm Clothing Store

Keeping Quests In Your Hold Bin To Increase Gold Earned

To give yourself a better shot at getting randomly assigned the 600 gold or 800 gold quests, you shouldn't just complete a quest a day. You should actually let all 3 of your quests accumulate and only complete 1 a day, while leaving 2 low paying quests in your hold bin. Ideally, you would want to keep 2 of the 200 gold reward daily quests in your hold queue so that your odds of getting the higher gold quests assigned is improved.

This daily quest holding strategy does work and it will increase your average gold earned over time. The longer you are able to maintain a 2 quests hold bin the better your chance of getting better gold rewarding quests and thus the increase in gold earned over time from daily quests.

If you never keep a daily quest held and always complete your single daily quests every day, then your odds of getting the 800 gold reward are 1 in 9. If you hold any two other quests, your odds increase to 1 in 7 of being awarded the 800 gold quest. This works because there are no duplicate daily quest assignments.

So the ideal option is to hold 2 of the 200 gold quests, but that means you would be only playing heroes from the 3rd expansion (the one of the 3 that you are not keeping held). Obviously, you won't be able to hold 2 200 gold quests forever, because you need to level all heroes to level 5 for optimal gold gain and sometimes you will be forced to finish those quests due to the selection available in the random hero rotation. Even though you can't maintain this strategy forever, the days that you can use it will help to increase your overall gold gain in Heroes of the Storm and should help to slightly decrease the time it takes to unlock your favorites heroes for free.

Another way to look at the numbers are with average possible gold gained per potential daily quest.

If we leave all daily quests slots open, then the average of the assignable quests (9 of them) is 355.55 gold. If you bank 2 200 gold quests, then your gold potential raises to 400 gold on average for your 3rd quest (7 possible now). An easier to maintain option would be banking a 200 gold reward quest and a 300 gold reward quest. This strategy would make your average assignable gold reward to be 385.71 per quest. This is most easily accomplished by hold the 300 gold quest for playing Support Heroes along with the 200 gold reward quest for play a Diablo Hero because there are no Diablo Support Heroes in the game yet!

In Closing

Blizzard has given us enough free and easily earned gold to get us a few of the major heroes in Heroes of the Storm, but we will need to grind out a lot of gold earnings in order to completely play for free and unlock enough heroes to play in ranked and draft modes (10 owned heroes are required, not including free rotation heroes). The easily earned gold is heavily front loaded and the grind will be long and hard to unlock heroes once you have exhausted all of your easily earned gold sources. Then you are left with only game rewards and daily quests as your primary sources of gold income in Heroes of the Storm.

We can use the Daily Quest Hold Strategy in order to increase the potential amount of gold earnable each day through daily quests, as well as allowing us more chances to be assigned the 600 and 800 gold reward quests each day. The grind for free character unlocks is outrageously long (think 160+ hours or 400 versus matches on average (with 50% win rate) so any bonus to gold earned is going to be very rewarding in the long run.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped to enlighten you on some of the ways to help increase your odds of getting better daily quests assigned and ways to increase your gold gains in Blizzard's new MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.  Also, if you haven't already, be sure to go back and complete the tutorials for a free 1000 gold in HotS, since they added gold rewards to the tutorials after the game officially launched.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Earn Gold In Heroes Of The Storm

How To Earn Gold & Unlock Heroes For Free In Blizzard's Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Earning Gold

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's newest game currently in the Technical Alpha Stage. This MOBA style game is free to play, but there are additional skins, heroes, and mounts that are able to be purchased with cash or gold in the store's in game shop. Just like you can earn gold in Blizzard's game Hearthstone, you also can earn gold in Heroes of the Storm. Grinding for gold within Heroes of the Storm will allow you to unlock mounts, skins, and heroes without spending any cash. Sure you can eventually unlock many items without spending any real life cash in the game's store, but that would take you quite some time to grind out that much gold.

The items in the cash shop are not cheap; some heroes cost 10k gold for a single hero alone without any new skins. That's just the price for the single hero, so it is going to take a lot of grinding for gold to unlock everything you can obtain in Heroes of the Storm without paying. And by then, there will be even more heroes, mounts, and skins to keep grinding out gold to unlock these new additions. Be Warned - Some items are only available for cash and cannot be purchased for gold.

Let's take a look at all the ways you can earn free gold in Heroes of the Storm as well as some tips for efficient gold grinding to make unlocking the heroes for free much easier.  These numbers are tips are based off of the current build for the Heroes of the Storm Tech Alpha.  Blizzard has stated their will be no more wipes of accounts, so these numbers should be pretty close to the final launch build.

The Ways You Can Earn Free Gold In Heroes Of The Storm:

  • Player Level Rewards - Once per account at each gold award interval.
  • Hero Level Rewards - Once per each individual character.
  • Daily Quests - Repeatable quests that unlock one per day.
  • Game Rewards - Playing matches earns gold.

Earning Gold With Player Level Rewards

As a player you have an overall player level. As your player level increases from playing matches, you unlock various player level rewards at certain levels. Included in these rewards are nice chunks of gold, in addition to unlocking more free characters slots.

Here are the current Player Level Rewards:

  • Level 2 - 1000 Gold
  • Level 4 - 1000 Gold
  • Level 6 - Unlock Daily Quests (Each Rewards Gold)
  • Level 8 - 2000 Gold
  • Level 10 - 2000 Gold
  • Level 12 - Extra Free Hero Rotation Slot
  • Level 15 - Extra Free Hero Rotation Slot

So in addition to unlocking the daily quests, which will award more gold, you can earn a free 6000 gold just by leveling up your player level simply by playing the game.

Earn Gold While Leveling Each Hero

Each hero in Heroes of the Storm has his own level, that raises as you play that hero more. You earn experience from each match that you use that hero. As you level the hero up, you unlock more talent choices, skin and mount options, and a character portrait. What we are most interested in is that for each hero, you are awarded 500 gold once that hero reaches level 5. So you can unlock a free 500 gold for every hero added into the game just by playing each hero to level 5.  At Blizzcon 2014, they've already announced 4 more new heroes that will be added to the game, so that is another free 2k gold you can earn from playing the new heroes to level 5 as well.

Currently there are 32 different heroes in Heroes of the Storm (including the recent Jaina addition), which means you can earn a free 16,000 gold just by leveling all heroes to level 5. Thrall is going to be available on the launch of the closed beta, which adds hero #32 and another chance for a free 500 gold. The new heroes tend to take 5-6 weeks before showing up in the free heroes rotation slot options.

Heroes of the Storm 300x250

Making Gold From Daily Quests

Daily quests in Heroes of the Storm are unlocked once you reach Player Level 6. You will receive a random daily quest each day and these daily quests can award anywhere from 200 to 800 gold each. You only can hold 3 uncompleted daily quests at a time, but let me tell you these daily quests are stupid easy!

Only one of the quests require you to win anything, for most of the Hots daily quests you only have to play!  For example, one quest is "Play 2 games with a Warcraft Hero." It's not Win 2 games, but just Play 2 games. Some require you to use a specific type of character, like "Play 3 games with a Specialist Hero", or "Play 3 games with a Warrior Hero." You also don't have to log in each day to collect the daily quests. As long as you have room in your 3 quest hold bin, you will still get the daily quest added to your queue. This daily quest system is one of the easiest I've ever seen in any Blizzard game.

Playing Matches Awards Gold

You can also earn gold in Heroes of the Storm just from completing matches. Currently you receive gold from completing a match in Cooperative or Versus modes. In Cooperative Mode you get 10 gold for a Win, none for a loss. In Versus Mode you earn 20 gold if you lose. If you Win in Versus Mode you get a 10 gold bonus, which makes the total 30 gold per Versus match won. So playing Versus other players will always be the best option when you are grinding for gold in Heroes of the Storm.

  • Co-Op Loss - 0 Gold
  • Co-Op Win - 10 Gold
  • Versus Loss - 20 Gold
  • Versus Win - 30 Gold

Tips For Unlocking Free Gold In Heroes of the Storm

  1. Focus On Getting to Player Level 6 To Unlock Daily Quests.
  2. Complete Daily Quests. Or at least never let your daily log get filled where you are missing out on potential gold from quests that you have no room for.
  3. Follow the Daily Quest Hold Bin Strategy for increased gold gains from the daily quests.
  4. Play Each Free Hero Just To Level 5, Then Switch To Another Free Hero.
  5. Mix Up The Hero Types That You Play. If you just played a melee warrior to level 5, don't do another melee warrior next.  If you leveled a Warcraft hero to 5, don't choose another Warcraft hero next. This is because you want to minimize the chances of having to play a character for the daily quests that you've already leveled to 5. If you knock out all of your warriors first, then you don't have a fresh warrior to level to 5 while doing the daily quest for that warrior.
  6. Advance Your Player Level So You Get All Free Rotation Slots Unlocked. More heroes to choose from means more heroes to push to level 5 for free 500 gold each week and helps provide more options for daily quest choices to help minimize leveling characters you've already pushed to level 5.
  7. Play Versus Mode. There is no reason to play Cooperative mode.  Versus awards a lot more experience and much more gold per match.
  8. Always Invite A Party Member To Be Your Friend. Having a friend in your group earns you +50% bonus experience.
  9. Complete the Heroes of the Storm Tutorials - Earn an easy extra 1000 gold.